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Behavioral Consultation Team


UC San Diego’s Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is defined as a multi-disciplinary team whose primary role is to work together to provide caring, preventive, and early intervention recommendations with students, faculty, staff, and non-affiliates whose behavior is highly concerning, significantly disruptive or threatening. The role of the team is to serve as a consultation team who assesses the information provided and makes recommended interventions to campus partners.


The purpose of UC San Diego’s BCT is to: 

  1. Educate the campus community about reporting procedures for individuals who display potentially violent, threatening or significantly disruptive behaviors.
  2. Serve as the central point of contact for individuals reporting potentially violent, threatening, or significantly disruptive behaviors.
  3. Provide consultation and support to faculty, staff, administration, and students in assisting individuals who display potentially violent, threatening, or significantly disruptive behaviors.
  4. Triage reports by identifying patterns of behaviors that may suggest the need for an intervention.
  5. Assess information using an established model by which all members of the BCT are trained.
  6. Develop a strategy for next steps with regard to safety and rights of others and to minimize the disruption to the university environment.
  7. Make recommendations to appropriate areas for connecting individuals with needed campus and community resources.
  8. Make recommendations to responsible/affected University officials on appropriate action consistent with university policy and procedure statements and with state and federal laws.
  9. Coordinate communication to individuals and the campus community as appropriate and necessary.
  10. Assess ongoing behavior of individuals who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior to determine if additional or ongoing follow-up is necessary by appropriate areas.
  11. Develop policy recommendations and guidance regarding behavioral assessment for the UC San Diego community.
  12. Establish assessment protocols for assessing individual interventions with students as well as the effectiveness of the team.

Committee Members

See the current member list.


For general questions, contact the Behavioral Consultation Team at

For immediate consultation, contact Dismas Abelman, Manager, Emergency Management & Business Continuity, (858) 534-5451 or Andrew Hua, Director, Student Affairs Case Management Services, (858) 822-2614.