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Transportation Advisory Committee


The UC San Diego Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) advises the Chancellor of University California San Diego through the Vice Chancellor – Operations Management and Capital Programs regarding the development of UC San Diego's transportation programs and facilities, including those at the La Jolla and Hillcrest campuses and all other UC San Diego divisions at satellite locations. TAC is expected to promote and sustain UC San Diego as a pacesetter, and is responsive to legitimate concerns about the quality of the environment, equity of treatment, thoughtful use of land, traveler safety, and fiduciary obligations. Specifically, TAC shall provide recommendations on the development of alternative transportation programs and policies.

To assist the TAC committee, students, staff, faculty and subject matter experts (SMEs) will be invited to attend TAC meetings on an “as needed” basis to provide pertinent information, to make recommendations and convey feedback appropriately.

The TAC may also serve as a resource to other bodies, including the Academic Senate, Graduate Student Association, Associated Students and other advisory councils/committees to the extent they wish to seek information or input from the committee.

UC San Diego Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Members shall endeavor to:

  1. Be consistent with and advance the university's threefold mission of research, instruction, and public service, whenever possible;
  2. Reflect a fair and neutral process that respects the needs of the constituencies served by the campus parking and transportation system;
  3. Be sensitive to and consider effects on the quality of life in the off-campus community;
  4. Stimulate environmentally responsible approaches to parking and transportation, whenever possible, through the use of incentives;
  5. Promote safety for travelers in all modes;
  6. Foster judicious allocations of land devoted to parking facilities; and
  7. Be consistent with sustaining the financial integrity of the campus parking and transportation.

Committee Members

See the current member list.


Contact Marie-Pierre Murry, (858) 534-6821.