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Delegations of Authority

UC San Diego delegations of authority, like UC Presidential delegations, specify to whom authority has been delegated and the scope of the authority.

The Board of Regents of the University of California gives decision-making authority to the UC President. The University of California (UC) Presidential letters of delegation are maintained at the Office of the President. The President may redelegate some of his/her authority to Chancellors and other UC officers through UC policy, Business and Finance Bulletins, or letters of delegation.

Chancellors and other UC officers may re-delegate, where permitted, some of their authority through local policy or a campus-generated delegation of authority letter.

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Delegation of Authority Letters

Authority for making decisions at the University of California is communicated through various means: Policy statements and manuals, letters, Business and Finance Bulletins,  and Regents Standing Orders.

The Regents may authorize the President to give/share (redelegate) certain authority to Chancellors and other UC officers through formal Presidential Delegations of Authority (DA). The Chancellor may then be allowed to redelegate certain authority to campus administrators. If permitted, the Chancellor will issue a campus San Diego Delegation of Authority Letter (UCSD DA).

Both Presidential and San Diego Delegations of Authority Letters are always written to the title of the position to which the authority has been delegated. A San Diego Letter generally includes a reference to any applicable Presidential Letter and any specific terms, restrictions, or requirements.

Protocol for Issuing San Diego Delegation of Authority Letters

A San Diego Letter must not conflict with any UC policy. Any redelegated authority always remains with the person providing the delegation (the delegator) as well as being granted to another position title (the delegatee). Letters may contain individual names, but authority always remains with the position title.

If you issue a delegation letter, you must send a copy to Policy & Records Administration.

The Delegation Process

Departments and staff members have certain responsibilities in the delegation process.


A Delegator is the campus official who issues a Delegation of Authority. A Delegator is responsible for ensuring that appropriate Delegation of Authority letters are issued to Delegatees for the performance of their duties. The Delegator and his or her staff are responsible for drafting the Delegation of Authority. As appropriate, the Delegator and his or her staff will consult with other campus units in addition to Policy & Records Administration before and during the drafting process. The Delegator signs the final document prior to issuance and publication.

If a Delegation of Authority requires the Chancellors signature, then follow the procedure for Chancellor’s Signature Requests.


Delegatees are responsible for carrying out the authority given to them by the Delegator. Authority is issued to the position title and is reassigned automatically when someone leaves the position. Delegatees may redelegate all or part of their authority when allowed by the Delegation of Authority.  No mention of, or specific prohibition, prevents further redelegation.

Policy & Records Administration

Policy & Records Administration manages campus Delegations of Authority for the Chancellor and coordinates issuance of all campus Delegations of Authority with the Delegator and his or her staff. We are available to assist with drafting of delegations to ensure consistency with applicable initial delegations and adherence to standards established by the Office of the President. Upon request, we will draft new Delegation of Authority letters for signature.

Policy & Records Administration maintains a campus Delegations of Authority database containing all current and historical delegations to provide access to these official records.

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