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Occuspace Live Density Program Expansion and Implementation Workgroup


The workgroup was established to oversee the implementation of the Occuspace Live Density Expansion within UC San Diego. The Live Density Program aims to improve access to space utilization information for space planning and management stakeholders to optimize space utilization, improve efficiency and enhance the overall experience of our physical work environment.

The committee’s primary objectives are:

  • To oversee the implementation of the Occuspace Live Density expansion
  • To ensure that the program aligns with the campus' strategic goals, values, policies and Live Density Use Protocol
  • To promote transparency and effective communication regarding program updates and decisions
  • To provide guidance and recommendations to senior leadership on program-implementation related matters

This implementation workgroup shall sunset at the end of the 2023–24 academic year, after which it will be dissolved and no longer operational.

Workgroup Membership

The committee shall consist of academic and administrative representation from different vice chancellor areas with diverse backgrounds and expertise to ensure comprehensive oversight. The following composition is recommended:

  • EVC representative – Tana Troke
  • VC SIO representative – Megan Smith
  • VC Health Sciences representative – Jeff Kaplan
  • VC Research representative – Stephanie Watson
  • VC EDI representative – Karen Biestman
  • VC OMCP representative – Mario Sierra
  • Academic Senate representative – Prabhakar R. Bandaru


  • ITS representative – Brett Pollak
  • Campus Planning representative – Cristy Winter
  • Campus Privacy Office representative – PegahParsi
  • Facilities and Services Information Management representative – Kirk Belles
  • Occuspace Project Manager – Andy Moore
  • Facilities Data Steward – Eliud Escobedo


  • Reviewing the program plan and scope, including goals and milestones.
  • Monitoring progress and addressing any issues or roadblocks that may arise during implementation
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, internal policies and protocol
  • Reviewing and approving the Use Protocol
  • Reviewing building and space locations for the program
  • Soliciting feedback from employees and stakeholders to make informed decisions
  • Regularly communicating program updates to leadership and relevant stakeholders
  • Reviewing periodic assessments to evaluate program effectiveness
  • Recommending adjustments to the program based on feedback and performance data
The workgroup shall meet regularly, with a frequency determined based on the program's needs, at least quarterly.


Contact Marie-Pierre Murry, (858) 534-6821.