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Regents Agenda Items

Policy & Records Administration acts as the San Diego campus liaison with the secretary for the UC Regents and the UC Office of the President on coordination of Regents agenda items submission and preparation for local meetings. Capital Planning is the lead office for coordination, preparation and routing of required capital project documents for Regents approval.

For information about the Regents meetings, such as the next agenda, online items and the live audio broadcast, visit

Regents Agenda Item Lifecycle

Capital Planning serves as the liaison between the campus and Office of the President for finalizing Regents items. Capital projects are presented to the Regents Finance and Capital Strategies Committee. Contact Capital Planning for any capital projects requiring Regental approval.

For other non-capital project related Regents items, note that campus-specific items subject to regental approval typically require weeks or months of preparation. Campus departments coordinate with the appropriate Office of the President departments before, during and after regental action. Campus departments should follow these steps in developing Regents'agenda items:

  1. Format the item per UCOP samples.
  2. Coordinate with the appropriate campus Vice Chancellor and prepare a signature item for the Chancellor's approval. Deadlines vary by type of agenda item. Some items must be prepared and approved many weeks in advance. All San Diego items must be approved by the Chancellor before being placed on the agenda.
  3. Once the signature item has been signed and approved, inform the appropriate Vice President at the Office of the President. Note that some items must be prepared and approved weeks in advance. Deadlines vary by type of agenda item.
  4. Office of the President and Secretary of the Regents make the final determination about which items will be placed on the agenda. Once finalized, they publish the Meeting Agenda and Schedule.

If you have questions regarding the process, formats or deadlines, contact Stasi Chase, (858) 534-3394.

VC Area Item Type Matrix

VC Area Item Type*
Academic Affairs educational policy, faculty matters, research funding
Campus Counsel** legal matters, litigation, settlements
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion campus climate
External & Business Affairs compensation, donor matters, foundations, human resources, naming, retirement benefits
Health Sciences Health Sciences, UC San Diego Health System, Regents Health Services Committee
Marine Sciences Marine Sciences
Research contracts, grants, research
Operations Management and Capital Programs capital planning, construction, policy compliance
Student Affairs admissions, student financial support

*Note that this is a representative sample and not an inclusive list. Often, items extend across multiple VC areas. When this happens, those items must be approved by all appropriate vice chancellors. If your item is not listed here and you are unsure which vice chancellors must provide approval, please contact Stasi Chase, (858) 534-3394.

**Although Campus Counsel is not a VC area, they advise the chancellor regarding legal matters, including all pending, ongoing and settled litigation.

For more information, contact the campus Regents coordinator, Stasi Chase.