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High-Containment Laboratory Oversight Committee


The HCLOC is advisory to the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor – Research and Innovation, Vice Chancellor – Health Sciences and Vice Chancellor – Operations Management and Capital Programs. The primary charge to the committee is to oversee all matters relating to the safe design and use of high-containment laboratory space.

It is the HCLOC’s responsibility to coordinate laboratory operations including:

  1. Review all plans for work conducted in high-containment laboratory facilities
  2. Recommend strategies and guidance for ensuring personnel safety and security among individuals with access to Risk Group 3 biological agents and toxins (RG3), and public safety
  3. Advise, plan and review operations and maintenance
  4. Review an annual high-containment facility risk assessment as advised in the ANSI/ASSE Z9.14 2014 BSL-3/ABSL-3 laboratory performance verification standard
  5. Review and advise on campus plans for high-containment facility permanent equipment repairs, replacement, retrofits, upgrades and design of new facilities
  6. Recommend strategies for funding and sustaining current and new high-containment facilities and effective management programs.
  7. Address any other issues as directed by the UCOP High-Containment Oversight Committee.

Committee Members

See the current member list.


Contact Marie-Pierre Murry, (858) 534-6821.